Dec 10

What’s so great about Macs?


On this weeks podcast we ran out of time to talk about this article from The Sydney Morning Herald, but it was interesting to all the Apple people out there. Read the full article at the link below.

Everyone has a different story for what got them hooked. Maybe it was the sonorous chord when you booted your PowerBook for the first time.

Or perhaps it hit you when you encountered the Bondi blue plastic of the iMac. But for most of us, it hit in 2001.

That sleek, white case, the sensual click when you spun the wheel. That wonderful bond between the greyscale screen and your 5 gigabytes of music. It was the original iPod, and you were chasing the Apple.

It may surprise some younger readers to know that there was a time when Apple products were neither everywhere nor cool.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald
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