Feb 20

Geek Actually Episode 26 – I Have a Responsibility to Make Money

Geek ActuallyHosts: David McVay, Jacob Oberman and Nicholas McVay

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David is joined in studio by Jacob as they discuss the latest in film and tech.

In tech news: Telstra boss Sol Trujillo has his mobile stolen by a pickpocket, Mr. Trujillo also states that he doesn’t care what is best for customer he just wants to make money and Facebook backtracks on it’s new terms.

Film news includes: no Ironman 2 for Mickey Rourke but he will work with Stallone, no Superman Reboot for the Wachowski’s, no Ironman 2 for Eliza Dushku, a Jetsons live action film in the works for Robert Rodriguez and the Academy Award winners leaked…or have they?

In review, Jake and David review Oliver Stone’s “W.” and John Patrick Shanley’s “Doubt”. Both films are well received but Doubt is clearly the favourite.

Nicholas McVay (The Little Geek) joins David to discuss Apple’s new iLife 09 suite of programs. To quote Little Geek, “Awesome!”

As always this episode carries an explicit tag due to possible bad language (There is very little in this episode!).

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Show Notes:
Just a couple links to some things mentioned in the show.
A Picture of a great Dictator … Sorry I mean Sol Trujillo
The Leaked List of Academy Award Winners
The Trailer and Clip for Doubt
The Trailer for W.
Apple’s iLife 09

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