Nov 19

Nicholas McVay is an Award Winning Director!

The Award Winning Nicholas McVayNicholas ‘The Little Geek’ McVay had his film ‘The Chicken Wing Stand’ selected to represent his school in the ‘Making Movies 2009: Sydney Regional Film Festival’. The screening was last night at the Leichardt Palace Cinema here in Sydney.

It was a big night and all the selected films were screened on the big screen. Nicholas was awarded a certificate and a trophy for his film. It was all very exciting and we will play the film on this weeks episode of Geek Actually, however our audio listeners won’t be able to see what our live viewers see.

So I am proud to now present ‘The Chicken Wing Stand (Festival Version)’. Make sure you check out Nicholas’ YouTube channel to see his other films.

Nicholas’ YouTube channel is http://www.youtube.com/user/NickyMcVay

  • Well done Nicholas, keep up the great work and smashing vid's.

    Also sorry for this late post I haven't look around here for sometime