Feb 18

Geek Actually Replay – Geek Actually Tech Episode 2 Live Show

Here is this weeks live video version of The Geek Actually Tech Podcast Episode 2 – Scarier Than Bikies. We discuss Internet Censorship in great detail. We also tackle those hard hitting tech news stories like Mr Atkinsons fear of gamers, Australians not admitting to watching porn and nerd Barbie. The audio podcast of this episode can be found on this site or on iTunes.

Geek Actually Tech Episode 2 – recorded February 17th 2010

We try to record the live stream of the Geek Actually Podcasts while feeding it live to Ustream. Some weeks technical issues get in the way. We embed the past shows here so you can find them easily. You never know, you’re listening to that podcast and something visual happens, now you can simply find the show here and watch what happened. Enjoy.