Feb 23

Platforms Episode 20 – Treading Water

Josh Philpott and Dave Kozicki (with David ‘Almost Beardy Again’ McVay).

Platforms is a gamers podcast by gamers. The podcast is recorded live on Ustream with chat interaction so come and join the fun as your host candidly discuss the latest in the gaming world. The podcast is uncensored, explicit, honest and very non ‘PC’. We kick off this week with the trailer for ‘Bioshock 2’, this week’s feature review.

News This Week: ‘Civilisation 5’ is in production, Nintendo wins the DS mod chip war, ‘Starcraft 2’ open beta starts and a new trailer for ‘Metro 2033’. Dave also shares his rant against IGN for declaring that ‘GTA 4’ is “the perfect game”.

Coming Soon Titles: This week: ‘Heavy Rain’ and ‘Dante’s Inferno’ on the PSP. Coming soon: ‘Final Fantasy XIII’ and ‘Bad Company 2’.

Review of the Week: This week, an in depth review for ‘Bioshock 2’. The general consensus is that it feels more like an expansion pack than a sequel.

Opinion Piece: Has DLC killed the true idea of an expansion pack for games? What is the difference between a sequel and an expansion pack?

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Quick shout outs to our friends at Game PronOxcgn and our friends Charlie and Brad at The Movie Fan House

This episode carries an explicit tag due to frequent coarse language and adult themes.

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