Mar 02

Help Support an R18+ Rating for Games – Here’s How

Our friends over at PALGN are running a campaign (in conjunction with Game – the gaming retail stores) to help usher in an R18+ rating for games. If you have been living under a rock and don’t know what this is all about, click here or here to learn more.

Many retailers and sites are helping to bring awareness to this issue but I particularly like the PALGN/Game approach. Instead of abusing the government or trying to convince people that gamers are mostly adults (true, but it is a hard sell to change perceptions) they are using the logic that some games (like movies) are not for children and we need to protect the children by bringing in an appropriate rating. To quote their site, everyoneplays.org.au:

“Some games are played by everyone, but some are only meant for those over 18.
Australia does not have an R18+ PC and video game classification. An R18+ classification will allow adults the freedom of choice to play games with mature content; and help ensure that mature themed games are not rated MA15+ under any circumstances.

The Video Games Industry and the general public support an R18+ classificaiton rating.

We need to ensure that support for an R18+ classification remains top-of-mind for Censorship Ministers around the country.

Protect children from mature themed games.

Together – we can fix it.”

The discussion paper on this topic that is currently before the government has now been closed (as of February 28th 2010) to the public, however this issue still has a long way to go and if stop being vocal on this issue, you will be forgotten and swept under the mat.

We here at Geek Actually wholly support the R18+ rating for games and we encourage you to visit the PALGN page http://palgn.com.au/16060/palgn-everyoneplays-and-game-join-forces/ and the http://www.everyoneplays.org.au/ page for more information on how you can help and have your voice heard.

You will also be hearing about this program and issue across all of the Geek Actually podcasts over the next couple of weeks.

One last note: If we are going to successfully bring in this rating, we need to keep cool, logical minds. Rational argument is what will win. Getting loud and obnoxious or calling out abusive and threatening things to the government or Michael Atkinson does not help the cause and really only solidifies their misconceptions about gamers. We need this rating to bring us in line with the rest of the western world.

Go to a Game store and enter your opinion their by clicking the picture below.