Mar 11

Geek Actually Tech Episode 005 – Getting Leo’ed

Hosts: David McVay, Josh Philpott and Shane Gregory

Geek Actually Tech is recorded live on Ustream with chat interaction.

The tech show by geeks for geeks and non-geeks. Accessible tech for everyone is the motto we live by. This weeks topic, Conan O’Brien and Leo Laporte’s Twitter stunts. Here are the show notes for the episode.

Follow Up To Last Week:

Webcamgate heats up with photos being turned over to police.


iPad gets a release date in the US

Sony developing new gadgets – PSP phone anyone
http://www.news.com.au/technology/sony-rumoured-to-be-working-on-psp-phone-handheld-devices-to-counter-apple/story-e6frfro0-1225837637268 and

Atkinson backs the video game cancer group
and David addresses his inflammatory blog post about this – read it here

Please! Have the politicians forgotten what it is like to be a teenager?

Internet surfing is a fundamental human right – right on…or not!

iKey, kinda neat tech

Steam confirmed for Mac

Why does Google get to know everything about us but we don’t get to know about them?


Earlier this week Leo Laporte decided to challenge Conan O’Brien’s Twitter stunt. After telling his listeners to follow LisaTickledPink on Twitter, she got thousands of followers. She has become an overnight celebrity. It raises a couple of questions: How powerful are the geeks? and could this stunt somehow be a breach of her privacy? We discuss it out.

Conan O’Brien decides to change someone’s life on twitter

and Leo Laporte copies him

Meet LisaTickledPink

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