Mar 21

Michael Atkinson falls on his own sword and resigns from the front bench

Many weeks ago on a Geek Actually Podcast episode I said that we needed patience and sooner or later Michael Atkinson, the South Australian Attorney-General, would either be voted out or give up the fight. I was ridiculed by the chat room, they said that he was in a safe seat and he would be around forever. I tried to counter this with the Prime Minister John Howard example from 2007. John Howard was in one of the safest Liberal Party seats in the country, not only did he lose the election but he was so unpopular at the time, he also lost his seat in parliament.

Ha! The South Australian State Elections just took place and Michael Atkinson, although not voted out, has resigned from the front bench. Patience is a virtue my friends. He claims that the new Government has a majority of one and he didn’t want his controversial ideals to make waves for the re-elected Labour Government. This is probably the most reasonable and responsible act I have ever seen him make. Michael Atkinson will remain in Parliament, but he will stay on the back bench.

Now that Mr. Atkinson is no longer that states Attorney-General we might actually get an intelligent debate on the R18+ rating for games issue.

Goodbye Attorney-General Michael Atkinson, you will not be missed.

To read more read this article on AdelaideNOW

  • Best news I've heard all week. Hopefully a certain government looking for reelection soon realizes that they have a guaranteed votewinner in this cause. Shit, I would vote for the communist party if they said they would fuck off the filter and let me play whatever the hell I want.