Mar 25

Geek Actually Tech Episode 007 – Gates, No! Booom!

Hosts: David McVay, Josh Philpott and Denny Markovic

The tech show by geeks for geeks and non-geeks. Accessible tech for everyone is the motto we live by. This week’s topic, ‘Which computer is right for you? Part II – Desktop Machines’. We get Denny Markovic on Skype to help explain DirectX 11 and Open GL 4.0. Here are the show notes (links) for the episode. Geek Actually Tech is recorded live on Wednesday nights at 8pm (Australian eastern time). Go to geekactually.com/live to watch it live.

Follow Up To Last Week:

Denny Markovic (from PALGN) joins us via Skype to help explain Open GL 4.0 and DirectX 11.

iinet is defending against an appeal from the studios. iinet is confident that it will have an even stronger position after it wins it’s the appeal.


Google stops censoring the internet in China, kinda.
http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100322/ap_on_hi_te/us_tec_google_china and

…and China’s response

…and the search results are still censored.

What about Australia’s plans to censor the internet? Tech giants (including Google, Yahoo and Microsoft) have submitted their comments now and the overall consensus…the filter is a bad idea.

…Google goes on to say that it could legitimise censorship around the world.

…an interesting quote from Obama to give Senator Conroy pause…I hope.

If censoring the internet wasn’t enough ClearPlay in the US now censors DVDs for you.

And finally, Bill Gates teams up with Toshiba to design next gen Nuclear reactor…because Gates doesn’t have any history with things crashing.

Here is the video of Gates demonstrating Windows 98’s USB feature

Topic of the Week:

Which computer is right for you? Desktop edition.

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