Mar 28

Geek Actually Episode 77 – No Implants Allowed

Hosts: David McVay, Josh Philpott and Ben O’Brien

The Geek Actually Podcast, your weekly dose of ‘the week in geek’. This week we are joined by our new friend and writer Ben O’Brien. This week we welcome in the new South Australian Attorney-General John Rau, he supports the R18+ rating for games (that makes a change for SA). After the usual tech and entertainment news we review the new Jim Sheridan film ‘Brothers’. Your show links follow. Ben O’Brien can be found hanging out at Studio Four.

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Tech News

The new South Australian Attorney-General is John Rau and he is pro R18+!

Apple bans screen protectors from the Apple Store – WTF!

Australians are starting to suffer Information Overload.

Have we gone 3D crazy, Nintendo doesn’t think we are mad enough yet.

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Entertainment News

Sad news to start us off – The Hollywood sign is in jeopardy again. Why isn’t it a protected national landmark yet?

Buck Rogers is blasting back into cinemas in 3D, there is just one little problem…

From The Family Dog to The Simpsons to The Iron Giant to a pair of Pixar giants (The Incredibles to Ratatouille) – So what’s next for animation god, director Brad Bird? How about Mission Impossible 4! WTF!!!!!

We watch the new Scott Pilgrim vs The World trailer – Watch it here

I can’t believe I’m saying this, ‘I agree with Michael Bay!’ Oh god, I can feel the universe beginning to implode on itself already!

After weeks of discussion, we can finally put this one to bed – Chris Evans is Captain America!

We watch the new ‘Predators’ trailer – Watch it here

Only real boobs excepted for the 4th Pirates film. About time Hollywood starts to see sense.

Film Review

This week we review ‘Brothers’, the new film by Jim Sheridan, the man behind My Left Foot, The Field, In the Name of the Father and The Boxer. The film Stars Tobey Maguire, Jake Gyllenhael, Natalie Portman, Sam Shepard and Mare Winningham. Brothers is written by David Benioff based on the 2004 Danish film ‘Brodre’ written by Susanne Bier. Overall a really good film with superlative acting but let down by a badly structured script. Well worth watching though.

This episode carries an explicit tag due to infrequent coarse language.

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