Mar 30

Daily Thought: Is the Nintendo 3ds a smart direction?

Yesterday in Platforms we showed footage of nintendo’s new design prototype, the “3ds”, which is a pre- announcement announcement. The concept behind this is a 3 dimentional image inside the screen that will track your head allowing image rotation, etc.. This got me thinking.. Is this really practical? The design at this stage still remains a dual screen system, meaning that any game will have to either be a 1 screen game or (as demoed in the video) split across the 2.

This really made me wonder how many uses can there be for this technology? Games? Well maybe shovelware shooters and a new Mario game. But your interface is still two dimentional meaning the application is meerly asthetic and is not really a step forward in anything, plus with the ds still not supporting video the 3D side is wasted for that. Or could this possibly mean some kind of media support for the new technology we have coming? … Hmm, something to think about…

Here is the demo video that we have played on a couple of our shows.