Apr 25

Geek Actually Episode 81 – You Spin Me Right Round

Hosts: David McVay, Josh Philpott, Dave Kozicki, Shane Gregory & Nicholas McVay

The Geek Actually Podcast, your weekly dose of ‘the week in geek’. This week David McVay and Josh Philpott are joined by a returning old friend, Dave Kozicki and Shane Gregory flash back to the 80’s for a review of the new comedy ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’. We also take a look at news highlights from the tech and entertainment industries. Plus as a bonus, at the end of the episode stay listening for the audio version of the new bi-weekly show, The Little Geek Show starring David McVay and Nicholas McVay. This week the geeks (big and small) review ‘How to Train Your Dragon’. The Little Geek Show can seen right here on geekactually.com or on YouTube every two weeks. Your show links follow.

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Tech News

I just love McAfee antivirus, don’t you?

Apple is now a bigger company than Microsoft according to S&P! Who could have seen this coming?

Forget that Brain Training stuff, violent games like Call of Duty will make you smarter! Hell yeah!!!! Do you think Michael Atkinson has seen this?

Wow, how did those words feel coming out of your mouth Mr. Gates?

The iPad could cost you an arm and a leg…well, maybe a finger.

We all know Modern Warfare 2 was super successful, but now it is official

Entertainment News

It’s been too long, but David can finally say it again…”In Green Hornet news!!!!!”

Arthur remake is a go project, Helen Mirren may be cast as Russell Brand’s nanny.
watch the clip from the original that we played live

Well, now here is a stellar idea, let’s replace Angelina Jolie as the female lead in Wanted 2 with Kristen Stewart!

I’m kinda bummed that the Downfall parodies are being killed.
watch one here, while they last http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McsAFBqQgio

Things change in 4 years, we get a new president in the White House, a new Prime Minister in Parliament and David Goyer seems to have learnt how to write Superman.

Samuel L. Jackson has a rumoured 9 picture deal with Marvel but he isn’t in Thor, WTF!

Shit, it’s real and it is happening! Escape from New York remake gets a remake’s director.

For Josh, a new Nightmare on Elm Street clip has been released.

New Bond film halted indefinitely due to MGM financial problems.

We give the Vulcan salute as Leonard Nimoy retires from acting, live long and prosper Mr. Nimoy.

Film Review

This week we review ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ the new comedy by Steve Pink (director of the Justin Long comedy ‘Accepted’). The film was written by Josh Heald, Sean Anders & John Morris and stars John Cusack, Craig Robertson, Rob Corddry, Clarke Duke, Lizzie Caplan, Lyndsy Fonseca, Crispin Glover and Chevy Chase. For a synopsis, what can you say? It is about four dudes who hop in a hot tube that transports them back to relive 1986. Hilarity ensues. Watch the trailer http://www.kicksomepast.com/

What did we think? We all enjoyed the film to different degrees. Although no masterpiece of cinema, it is a funny film and definitely much better than expected, based on the trailer. The film is a nice ode to the 80’s and if you were there then you’ll get a chuckle here and there as the film pretty faithfully recreates the era. If you are willing to disengage your brain and go for the nonsensical ride, you’ll enjoy. If you can’t turn off the critical mind, stay clear.

This episode carries an explicit tag due to infrequent coarse language.

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