Apr 30

Forgotten Films: Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

Scott Glosserman

Scott Glosserman
David J. Stieve

Nathan Baese, Angela Goethals, Scott Wilson, Zelda Rubinstien, Robert Englund

Leslie Vernon (Nathan Baese) an up and coming horror legend has given a reporter (Angela Boethals) and her film crew an exclusive access to his life as he plans his “Revenge” on the town of Glen Echo, Leslie pushes them to the limits of their morality as he sets up for his big day and at the same time deconstructs the conventions and archetypes of the horror genre for them.

This film really put a lot of effort into the tale it tells and the writer’s huge amount of love for the genre is displayed throughout the story. The plot is actually quite reasonable, giving you a good incite into Leslie’s world using the film crew as a bridge which gives even non-horror fans the ability to keep up with bizarreness of the film’s journey.

Not a huge amount in this film and this can be attested to the era it is aiming to emulate (the 80’s Suspense genre), but at the same time it suits the film as the gore is not the main focus.

Surprisingly good acting on all parts. The film’s stand out performance though goes to Nathan Baese as Leslie, his acting is really the linchpin to the whole film, his charismatic nature and the way he keeps the film crew on board right to the films crescendo is really the reason to see this film.

Best Bits:
For me the film is made up of best bits and a lot of the best moments are towards the end during the film’s twist, however the film’s cameos are a chuckle, Robert Englund as the “Ahab” and  Zelda Rubinstien (the little woman from Poltergeist) as the school librarian. Oh, and the conversations of Scott Wilson (as Leslie’s Mentor) and Nathan Baese are brilliantly surreal, so keep your eyes open for those.

This film was recommended to my by friends and I went into it expecting nothing so I was pleasantly surprised. This film is a must watch for any fan of suspense horrors and should not be confused with a spoof film. It holds its own as a horror film and will have you smiling at things you know you shouldn’t be.

Final words: Must see for horror fans

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