May 03

The PM Discovers the Hazards of Social Networking

According to news.com.au (on May 1st) Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has been having a bit of a PR problem when it was discovered that he is following porn on his Twitter account.

A little embarrassing for the PM, especially considering his stance on Internet Censorship, but actually quite innocent. The PM’s Twitter account basically does that same mistake that many noobs make, it auto follows all those who follow it. A spokesperson for the PM said, “While the Kevin PM Team try to monitor the follow backs, with more than 900,000 followers this is a very large task.” This is very true, just take a look at a few of the people I follow, but then again I’m not the PM and I like looking at porn :-)

According to the news.com.au article, some of the accounts that the PM’s Twitter account followers include an online pornographic blog, an online adult superstore, a Phuket gay resort and one that has a picture of bare breasted woman in hand cuffs (Greta thought she would re-enact that for you in the picture above). Now we just need to get Stephen Conroy on Twitter and get some really embarrassing stuff on him too :-)

Of course the article needs to beat up Twitter too, instead of calling the Prime Minister a techno moron for not turning off auto follow when he is such a high profile person, Young Media Australia vice-president Elizabeth Handsley basically blamed Twitter. “There seems to be an attitude with new media like Twitter that anyone can just get on and have a go without a problem,” she said. “We need to understand the platform and know how it works before using it safely – this is an example of that.” or you could RTFM! Rudd has a team of so called experts running his online presence, they didn’t know how to use Twitter before putting his profile up? Time for new experts.

Quite frankly I would have a lot more respect for Mr. Rudd if he really was admitting to watching porn, I’d say good for you sir, have fun.

Just my opinion, let me know what you think.

  • Hear, hear! I too would find Uncle Kevin slightly less pathetic if he did admit to watching porn. But only slightly.

  • I hear you. I think I would have much more respect for politics if I didn't feel that all the politicians had secret sex habits, they all just need to come out and admit to their sexual issues, then we might get some actual governing done.