May 04

Geek Actually Replay – Geek Actually Episode 82 Live Show

Here is this weeks live video version of The Geek Actually Podcast Episode 82 – Minor Geekgasm. This week David McVay, Josh Philpott and Ben O’Brien review the new uber geek film ‘Iron Man 2’. The audio podcast of this episode can be found on this site or on iTunes.

Almost every week we record the Geek Actually Podcast while feeding it live to Ustream. We record the Ustream feed and it is available go back and watch later if you want. It occurred to me that we should just embed the past shows here so you can find them easily. You never know, you’re listening to that podcast and something visual happens, now you can simply find the show here and watch what happened. Enjoy. (Note: We only started recording the feed as of episode 46, there are no videos of earlier shows.)