May 05

Top Ten Video Game Enemies

In my time spent rummaging around the internet .. oh and believe me I do spend a lot of time doing that. I realised I’ve seen a lot of “top ten bad guys” lists… which are usually all the same, showing the persons love and admiration for Sephiroth and Bowser..not so much a measure of ability but more a gauge of their coolness. Even the best list compiled usually only outline at best a bosses ability to be a boss (aka that they are hard.. Which I thought that was the point) but I’ve been thinking.. What about the little guys, huh?

What about those creatures that evade our screens and block our path at every turn? A boss is hard because it has to be, what about the monsters that struck fear into our hearts just by their presence, not because they represented a 20 minute long fight, but the fact that the very encounter could kill you .. must these hard working underlings go out without a mention?

Well not anymore… This is a tribute list to the best enemies games have to offer.

10) Gold Elites – Halo : Combat Evolved (2001) – These guys are the perfect bad guys, silent like the predator and just as deadly, they move alone and strike using energy swords, bringing death with a single blow. For some reason they seem to attack at the exact moment you let your guard down.

9) Andore – Final Fight (1991) – As far as beat ’em ups, it is a renowned truth that this is one of the cheapist enemies of all time.Wwith his move sets being choking, charges and pile drivers, he is only defeatable by direct attacks and will preform any of these the second you try to hit him. On top of that, if you do manage to get them down they will spring from the ground straight into a charge.. grr!

8) Poison Headcrab – Half Life 2 (2004) – This is one of the most evil ideas ever concieved… It’s black so its next to impossible to see it, makes almost no noise until it attacks and if it hits you, you lose all except 1 health and remain that way for several seconds, open to death from anything more than a paper cut.

7) Goombas – Mario Bros. (1985) – Ok, I know they are not that scary… In fact they don’t even have weapons… but damnit if they dont seem to be one of the most ruthless killers ever. Sneaky little bastards are always where you need to land and kill you with just touch.. think about that…

6) Arch Vile – Doom II: Hell on Earth (1994) – I hate fast enemies, I also hate strong enemies, but fast strong enemies that can spawn others at will… that’s just cruel. Though they were few and far between, they were a mini boss in their own right.

5) Shambler – Quake (1996) – Ok it’s almost twice size of the average human, claws as big as a man’s head, it’s almost immune to explosive weapons and it can shoot lightning from its fingers…. enough said.

4) Tyrants – Resident evil / Biohazzard (1996) – The thing that makes me hate these creatures more than any other in the game is that they come at such random times, in such random places. Usually when you have little to no ammo, it slowly and menacingly paces towards you taking shell after shell without dying. Their size and strength are unmatched by almost any creature in the game and for that alone they should be feared.

3) Baron von Blubba – Bubble bobble (1987) – A cold hearted killer. It appears when you run out of time and chases you relentlessly till you die or finish the level. It cannot be reasoned with or killed … and it will only get faster the longer you take.

2) Big Daddy – Bioshock (2007) – Though not strictly an enemy he does get in the way as you try to free/kill the little sisters and from that point they are a force to be reckoned with. They have armour that puts tanks to shame and will exhaust almost every bit of ammo you have to take them down, couple this with a fearsome rushing charge that will put you flat on a wall, disoriented and suffering from internal bleeding… then give it a rivet gun.. do NOT provoke unless your ready.

1) Lakitu – Mario Bros. (1985) – Taking the place of number 1 is Lakitu. For all of us that actually played through Mario, you will feel sharp prangs of pain from just the mention of it’s name. This demon of the sky can keep up with you no matter what speed you muster and will drop “SPINEY”, a spiked Kupo shell to make life diffcult… and on top of this even if you do manage by some miracle to kill this Bastard, he respawns! Evil!

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  • Ben O'Brien

    You left out Peter Molyneux.

  • popshot

    Yeah you also left out mw2. You know I had some idiot try and tell me that the first call of duty had Gallipoli in it.