May 10

DVD2BLU – Why Don’t We Have This Service?

Let’s start by saying the Warner Bros. DVD-to-Blu-Ray upgrade service is expanding it’s list to 90 titles. You simply send your DVD to Warner Bros. with a small fee of $4.95 and they send you the Blu-Ray version, awesome!

Now the kicker, it is only available in the US! Why? Why can’t we in other countries (I’m here in Australia) have a similar, wonderful system. We movie fanatics have spent thousands of dollars building our collections and I applaud Warner Bros. for helping make the transition to a new system easier, they just don’t go far enough.

Here in Australia it would be even easier for Warner Bros. to implement a system like this as we have such a small population that the number of exchanges would be relatively small. They would be able to keep their loyal movie geeks happy and it wouldn’t even cost that much to so.

Okay, rant over. If you do live in the US and want to take advantage of the system, follow the link above.