May 14

Short Film ‘Pixels’ Being Developed Into a Feature Film

I’m actually not quite sure how to feel about this piece of news but here goes, Patrick Jean’s short film ‘Pixels’ (which you can watch below) is being developed into a feature film by Happy Madison and Sony Pictures. Part of me say congratulations to Patrick Jean, because he deserves all the wealth and fame for his brilliant short film, the other part asks why?

‘Pixels’ is a self contained short film that is visually staggering, but it is short and doesn’t need to be any longer. I just don’t know if I want, or can see, human drama or comedy being inserted into this concept.  If you haven’t watched ‘Pixels’ yet, it is a simple concept; 1980’s era video game characters attack New York. It is a beautiful fusion of CG elements and live background plates all to 8 bit music.

The plan, According to THR, is to make a ‘Ghostbusters’ style film out of it. With Happy Madison involved it is probably planned to be a vehicle for Adam Sandler and that just makes a cold chill run up my spine.

What do you think? Can ‘Pixels’ make a feature film? Watch it and comment below.