May 28

John Hillcoat’s Red Dead Redemption Machinima – Strange But True

Okay, I’m putting this one in the ‘excuse me?’ pile. Apparently John Hillcoat (director of ‘The Road’ and ‘The Proposition’) has made a short film from Red Dead Redemption. That’s right, he hasn’t shot a live action short film or anything, he has apparently made one from Red Dead Redemption. Doesn’t that mean that Mr. Hillcoat has entered the world of Machinima? Whatever this strange hybrid is, it is going to be presented on TV on the 29th of May in the US. The trailer (which just looks a lot like a trailer for the game) is embedded below. Good luck understanding this one.

Sidebar: For those that don’t know, Machinima is the art form of making short films from in-gameplay videos.

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