Jun 03

Captain America’s Costume Revealed

AICN has posted up some concept renders of Chris Evans (‘Fantastic Four’, ‘The Losers’) as Captain America in his costume that are apparently confirmed as real.

I have been very concerned about Cap’s costume because, as I have said on the show a few times, it is really easy to just get really campy. Captain America, the character, walks a very fine line between cheese and acceptable and this line becomes even thinner when put into a realistic film world. Don’t believe me? Captain America has been adapted to screen before, first in 1979 as a pair of TV movies (‘Captain America’ & ‘Captain America 2’) starring Reb Brown (‘Death of a Soldier’, ‘Howling 2’) and then again in 1990 as a theatrical feature starring Matt Salinger (‘What Dreams May Come’, ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’). Both versions were high camp and photos of those Captains are below:

So here are the new concept renders, I like the look of him. When I first read the description, I wasn’t overly impressed but now I can see it, I don’t mind the look although I miss the wings on his cowl. I have put a photo of the comic book Cap above for you to compare. Click the thumbs for larger shots.

image source: AICN

What do you think? Will this Captain America work? Do you like the new costume? Comment below.