Jun 03

First Captain America Concept Art Leaked – Now Thor Art Leaked!

What a day of bountiful goodness it has been today. First AICN leaked those fantastic, apparently real, concept shots of Captain America’s costume and now Collider has posted these fantastic images of the Thor costume.

We had that official photo released a month ago of Chris Hemsworth as Thor but it was obscure and didn’t show the whole body. These concept shots, if real, give us the rest of the picture. Still no helmet but the hammer Mjolner looks great.

Considering the similar style to the Captain America shots, I kinda feel these will prove to be authentic which begs the question, is Marvel putting this stuff out or do they have a really leaky boat at the moment? Once again, I have put a shot of the comic book character at the top of the post for you to compare the looks.

Enjoy the shots:

image source: Collider

and here is the official photo that got released:

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  • Ben

    I think you'll find it was a deliberate leak. There's a convention coming up this week, where alot of DC stuff, like Green Lantern, is getting unveiled and Marvel isn't showing anything, so the speculation is that this was deliberate fuel to the fires. Also, they did this with Iron Man, where they released concept art, that wasn't exactly the same as the final version, but similar enough to garner excitement. I think these pics will be pretty similar to the final one, but the look of the material will differ. Thats my two nerdy cents.