Jun 03

Geekgasm: Minority Report Interface in Real Life!

As a geek, I can’t help but get a little misty eyed when I see a demonstration like this. It is the future we all dreamed of, interacting with our computers rather than just using them.

John Underkoffler, Steven Spielberg’s science advisor on ‘Minority Report’, gave a demonstration of the g-speak 3D user interface at TED 2010 back in February. The video is now online at ted.com and I have embedded it below. What is the g-speak 3D interface? Well, in a nutshell it is the interface that Tom Cruise uses in the film ‘Minority Report’ made real, little black gloves and all!

This is a major geekgasm for me, I loved ‘Minority Report’ and the computer interactions were just awe inspiring, I didn’t think they were this far along. I’m sure we are a few years away from actually seeing this in the mainstream, but wow, this is a compelling demonstration.

I love it when science fiction hits science fact and this was just such a case. Underkoffler says in the speech that they used the ‘Minority Report’ experience as a pseudo R&D experience. That is cool and explains why the scenes are so well conceived in the film, the designers were actually trying to figure out how to make it really work.

What did you think, wanna play with it? I know I do! Comment below.