Jun 04

Little Geek’s Birthday and Final Cut Express

Just a quick note to share a couple of photos of Nicholas ‘The Little Geek’ McVay’s birthday and again say thanks to all those that helped get his big present, a copy of Final Cut Express 4. We felt that the program would really help with his filmmaking but we couldn’t afford it by ourselves. The call went out and so many of you helped out. As promised we put all those that helped on the card.

I’ll just take a moment to thank them again: Thanks go out to Mirren, Sarah, Celine, Ben, Josh, Shane, Lisa, Hellen, Tony, Deakin & Katrina. We also got a lovely donation from Sheila after we had given it to him, but we will give him the money to buy something special for himself (probably Lego).

Here are a couple of photos of the night (click a shot for a bigger shot):