Jun 05

Geek Actually Tech – A Message to the Fans

Just a quick message from David McVay, Josh Philpott and Shane Gregory reminding the Geek Actually Tech listeners that we have a great tech section in the main show, The Geek Actually Podcast, to tide you over until the return of Geek Actually Tech.

We really appreciate all those that have continued to download the podcast even though we are currently on hiatus. Hope you join us for the main show.

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Geek Actually is brought to you by listeners, just like you. Thanks for your contributions. If you wish to make a contribution, go to the “Support Us” link above. We are currently on a funds drive because we had to retire a microphone, any help is welcome.

Send your feedback for The Geek Actually Podcast to feedback@geekactually.com or leave us a voice mail message to play on the show at (Sydney number) 02 8011 3167. If you are an iTunes user, please leave a review as we are trying to get on the featured list and every review helps. Your comments (good or bad) help us improve the show.