Jul 14

Geek Actually Episode 92 After Show – Runaway Mel

Hosted by: David McVay & Josh Philpott

Welcome to the Geek Actually Podcast After Show, the show were we just leave the mics on and record whatever we feel like talking about. This show gives us a chance to talk about anything that didn’t fit into the format of the main show. If this is your first experience with the Geek Actually Podcast, stop! This is not an actual show, it is the random ramblings of a bunch of geeks. Go listen to the main show first then come back to us.

The Geek Actually Podcast and After Show are recorded live on Ustream.

In this week’s After Show we discuss Mel Gibson’s latest meltdown again, this time with the actual recording of the rant. We also talk about the films of David Cronenberg. Josh is currently catching up with old Cronenberg films and this just opens us up for discussion about a very interesting filmmaker. We then review our second film of the week, ‘The Runaways’. This is a really good music biopic about Joan Jett and the all girl group of the 70’s The Runaways. Well worth having a look at. Watch the trailer here. We finish the show with Neil Patrick Harris’ Old Spice ad, which is a killer ad. Watch the ad here.

A reminder, this is not a proper episode of the Geek Actually podcast, this is a pretty unstructured conversation that took place after the recording of the proper show. Join us in the chat room during the recording sessions on Saturday afternoons and get your voice heard. If the after shows are popular we will continue recording them. Let us know if you enjoy (or not) the after show in the comments below or in the forum.

As always this episode carries an explicit tag due to some bad language.

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