Aug 25

Avatar: The Really, Really Special ‘Can I Squeeze Another Dollar Out Of You’ Edition

Okay, we have talked about this on the podcast but I am just going to say that I hate the way Fox is milking ‘Avatar’. Hasn’t the film made enough money? I have been boycotting the first DVD/Blu-Ray release of this film because it is in the wrong screen format (1.85:1 instead of it’s native 2.35:1) and it was a vanilla release (no special features). I don’t want to have to mortgage my house to buy all the various editions that are going to be released. I decided I would wait and buy the one, final special edition with the bonus features and extended cut (I know there is a planned release for mid-next year as well but that is supposedly for the 3D Blu-Ray which I don’t have anyway, I’m ignoring that one). However, now we don’t really know when it will be that we will have a definitive version because it has just come to light that there are two, yes count them, two special editions.

James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ is being re-released in 3D into theatres now billed as ‘the special edition’ with 9 minutes of addition footage. Cool, I thought, that will come out on DVD/Blu-Ray by Christmas and I can finally buy it. But wait, Fox has just let it out of the bag that when the Special Edition (or should we now say Special, Special Edition?) comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray, it is going to have sixteen extra minutes of new footage! The Hollywood Reporter summed it up by saying that it looked like the theatrical re-release was just a 3 hour commercial for the better, longer DVD/Blu-Ray release coming in November.

Fox distribution chief Bruce Snyder told the trades, “About every 15 minutes you’ll get something new that you haven’t seen before, which is kind of cool.” I think he should have said, “About every 15 minutes you’ll get a new version of the film, something new that you haven’t bought before, which is kind of cool for us.”

I think I’m just going to hold onto my ‘Avatar’ money for sometime and wait for all the dust to settle and then buy it in a year or so when the ‘Very Special Producer’s Approved Director’s Cut’ is in a bargain bin at the local DVD store.

How about you guys and girls, did you buy ‘Avatar’ or have you been waiting for one of the Special Editions? Comment below.

  • thrillho

    maybe they’ll release a special, special, special addition where they cut out all the wanky dialogue and just have the cool action scenes! wishful thinking maybe?

  • Snake

    I’m waiting until november

  • I’m feeling the same way at the moment Snake. I like your idea thrillho, it should be a special cut as a bonus on the Blu-Ray.