Oct 09

REPLAY – Geek Actually Live Shows for October 9th

Here are this week’s live shows presented in the same order that we recorded them. We start with Tech Actually then Film Actually and end the day with the After Show.

Because the show is live, you get it here with all the mistakes intact. Check the individual audio show posts for the show notes. This week in Tech Actually, David and Josh are joined by the returning Shane to discuss the week’s news including the latest on the National Broadband Network, the theory vs. the facts of Stuxnet and the new Halo movie news. In Film Actually David, Josh and Shane review ‘Buried’ starring Ryan Reynolds, list our top claustrophobic films and watch the trailers for ‘127 Hours’ and ‘True Grit’. In this week’s Geek Actually After Show we start well discussing what we’ve been watching this week and the price difference between Australia and America for the collector’s edition of ‘Avatar’. However when we start discussing canned sandwiches and a chat room listener puts us on to canned whole chicken, all bets are off. I don’t think we ever recovered from that. Enjoy the shows.

Tech Actually Ep 103 – Theory vs Fact

Film Actually Ep 103 – Embedded in Our Souls

Geek Actually After Show Ep 103 – Sweet Sue’s Canned Whole Chicken