Nov 16

Geek Actually After Show Ep108 – Just When You Thought It Was Safe

Hosted by: David McVay & Josh Philpott

Welcome to the Geek Actually After Show. This un-stuctured, no rules, geeky podcast that is what what you get when you get a couple of geeks together after we finish recording the two main shows Tech Actually and Film Actually. We run through DeltaKnight’s geekiest links of the week. Basically we leave the microphones on and record whatever we feel like talking about. This show gives us a chance to talk about those things that didn’t fit into the format of the main shows. Think of it as your ‘Week in Geek’.

The Geek Actually After Show is recorded live on Saturdays around 2.30pm (AEST UTC+10). Go to geekactually.com/live to watch it live.

Your show notes follow:

This week:

Simon Pegg tweets what could be the first Star Trek 2 tease

For all of the Star Trek Geeks!

Moron of the week

Laptop usage is cooking our gonads.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, the sharks take to the sky.

The Cheat Code padlock – we need this for the donut carrier :-)

This is an awesome paper boat

Crazy Stuff

Home made sex toy, man, just go out and meet a girl already!

Alabama is getting a drive through sex shop, but that is not the real story here.


Damn you iOS auto correct!
and http://damnyouautocorrect.com/

and the now (it would seem) regular section, Delta’s Weird Geek Food!

So just what are the strangest canned foods?

Those whacky Canadian guys are back!

Do McDonald’s chesseburgers rot or will they outlast us?

As always this episode carries an explicit tag due to some bad language.

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