Nov 28

Tech Actually Ep110 – Baybots

Hosts: David McVay & Josh Philpott

This is the official tech podcast of geekactually.com. The tech show by geeks for geeks and non-geeks. Accessible tech for everyone is the motto we live by. Tech Actually continues to take a light hearted look at the week’s tech news, this week we have terminator chess robots, cow crap power generators, our hero Kate Lundy defending the R18+ rating for games, NBN wins and iPad projectors plus much, much more. All this and we even have time to recommend a few apps for the iPhone and iPad. So, sit back, grab a cold one and enjoy the show.

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Your show notes follow:

This Week:

The Impending Robot Apocalypse News

Really, don’t use the word Terminator when describing smart robots!

The News

The new iOS 4.2 update came out on Monday, we give you our thoughts.

Are Steve Jobs and Rupert Murdoch collaborating on a new iPad newspaper?

The Key to the NBN, Telstra break up legislation is approved by the senate!

News.com.au has a great overview of the NBN for the non-technical

That Attorneys General meeting is getting close but don’t go crazy, Kotaku is hear to help

She’s my hero, Senator Kate Lundy tables the 89,210 signature petition for the R18+ rating
and her speech http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RMQsuoMPKc&feature=player_embedded

Facebook has trademarked the word ‘Face’, are you scared yet?

Methane from cows is a problem, let’s fix it with science.

Windows is 25 and Microsoft has never been able to market stuff, here’s proof.

Oh my god, I see disaster written all over this, babies driving robots! Baybots!


Project your iOS device – Totally Cool

Or turn your tethered iPhone into a router with no Jail Breaking.

Is this one of the the most stupid things I have ever seen? Possibly.

Haven’t had enough Tron yet, how about a Tron mouse.

Finally, here is a concept that will surely drive everyone around you insane.

A Little Piece of History

A 45 year old working robot.

That Apple 1 computer we told you about last week sold – for around US$200,000!!!


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iOS news and Apps of the Week

Apple pulls (sorry, bad choice of words) the penis enlarging app, boo!

Our pick of the week in iPhone/iPad apps: David recommended ‘Lab Timer’ for iPhone/iPad by OxOc (free) and ‘Dino Cap’ for iPhone/iPad by Triniti Interactive (free). Josh recommended ‘Atomic Web’ for iPhone/iPad by RichTech (.99c) and ‘Pulse Reader’ for iPad by Alphonso Labs (free).

As always this episode carries an explicit tag due to some bad language.

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