Dec 12

Tech Actually Ep112 – I Don’t Get Chrome OS

Hosts: David McVay & Josh Philpott

This is the official tech podcast of geekactually.com. The tech show by geeks for geeks and non-geeks. Accessible tech for everyone is the motto we live by. Tech Actually continues to take a light hearted look at the week’s tech news, this week we autonomous predator drones, exploding droids, Low Orbit Ion Cannons, a band playing Christmas carols with nothing but iOS devices plus much, much more. All this and we even have time to talk about Epic’s new iPhone and iPad game Infinity Blade. So, sit back, grab a cold one and enjoy the show.

This is the last episode of Tech Actually for the year. Tech Actually will return as part of the new combined podcast Geek Actually on January 8th.

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Your show notes follow:

Impending Robot Apocalypse News

Oh good, we are teaching robots how to use knives!

Thanks to a hacked Kinect, we are getting autonomous predator drones

Just how much dexterity does a quadrotor predator drone have?

The News

Mobile phones can be harmful to your health, well Droids can.

The Australian Federal government will back an R18+ rating for games, it’s all up to the Attorneys Generals now.

4Chan takes a Swiss Bank offline in defense of Wikileaks

With all the talk of DDOS attacks around Wikileaks, it might be time to explain how these attacks happen – Introducing LOIC.

How big is the pirate software problem? Here is a small example

Far out and freaky & brilliant, the human tentacle!

Did you see the exoskeleton legs on Glee this week, well they are real!


First we had the Tron mouse, now we Daft Punk inspired Tron Headphones

A tiny little generator.

Geeky Christmas

Christmas Carols iPad style – Awesome!


Feedback from Tristan talked about the proposed and rumoured Playstation Phone. Here are the links mentioned in the email.

iOS news and Apps of the Week

This week we aren’t giving our recommendations as we really want to discuss the new game by Epic called Infinity Blade. It is available as a universal app on iTunes.

Another app that is interesting this week, OnLive games viewer. This app allows you to be a spectator to online games.

As always this episode carries an explicit tag due to some bad language.

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