Jan 23

My Year with Movies – A Mission

We’ve mentioned it on the podcast, Film Actually, for the past two weeks I know, but now I have the site all up to date and ready to go, so I thought I’d share it here with those that don’t listen to the show (why aren’t you listening?).

I have started a simple Tumblr blog called “My Year with Movies” to track every film I watch this year. I did consider just doing it here but I didn’t want to flood this site with a million little encapsulated comments on films that some of you won’t even care about. Why am I doing this? Good question, let’s see if I can explain.

I watch a lot of movies every year, I am a movie geek and can’t get enough of them…until recently. Since putting together a film review show and having to watch movies with the critical eye I have found myself getting very negative about films. This can’t happen, I love movies too much for this to happen. So over the last couple of weeks I started recording every movie I watch to see just how many and what I am watching, it made me interested so I kept going. It was fun and I started to notice that I had watched at least one movie every day. I decided to make it a fun mission to fall in love with movies all over again. So I set myself a goal, I am going to watch at least one movie everyday for the year and record my thoughts on those films.

This is not a critical site, I am watching these films for the love of watching movies. I do have to watch some for the show, I know that and those I will be going a little deeper on so I can review it for the show. The rest, however, are for me. I am watching these movies purely for the pleasure of watching movies, let them unfold before me and taking them for what they are, entertainment. I am watching the films at the cinema, on DVD/Blu-Ray or digital download… basically, any way I can. I also watch a lot of TV programming but this project is reserved for feature length movies only.

I will share the more in-depth comments with this site (like I have done with “The Green Hornet”, “Tangled”, “Black Swan” etc.) but the smaller, quick comments will be reserved for the Tumblr site.

So, if you want to follow along on my mission, you might just find a few films to watch that you might not have seen before. Come to My Year with Movies and join the fun, the site is updated daily…obviously.