Jan 24

Geek Actually Ep116 – The Truck’s In Charge

Hosted by: David McVay & Josh Philpott

A new year and a new structure, Tech Actually and the Geek Actually After Show have fused like Brundlefly and been reborn simply as the all new Geek Actually. All the Tech and geek goodness that you have come to expect from the old shows wrapped up and made easier to swallow as one simple, little, tasty podcast.

DeltaKnight continues to supply us with some of the geekiest stories on the web and Josh and David love to dig into the tech. This week on the all new Geek Actually we have Steve Jobs taking leave from Apple again, the dawn of the electric car, the next generation of CPUs, a living Pac-Man, an interview with the boys from EpicMealTime and so much more.

It’s all in good geeky fun – Think of it as your ‘Week in Geekdom’. So sit back, grab a cold one and let’s geek out!

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Your show notes follow:

We Start off with some feedback, these are the links mentioned…

From Tim Hooper – Quadcopters build stuff http://www.engadget.com/2011/01/15/quadrocopters-learn-to-build-things-when-will-humans-learn-to-f/
From Tristan – Wireless Electricity http://witricity.com/
and if you use our voice mail line you might sound like Kai19103 who wants to tell us about Julian Assange and the new iOS update. Here are the links on the Assange details
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1336291/Wikileaks-Julian-Assanges-2-night-stands-spark-worldwide-hunt.html and http://www.outsidethebeltway.com/julian-assange-rape-charges-and-sex-by-surprise/

Geeky Tech

The Robot Apocalypse is nigh!
Computers are getting smarter than people, concerned?

Steve Jobs takes another leave of absence

Nasa’s new super secret unmanned space plane has returned, but what is it?

Finally, electric cars are being taken seriously

Is the next generation of computing here? AMD and Intel thinks so.

Scientists create a living Pac-Man – cool!

And the speculation begins for the future of iPad and iPhone

Self driving cars, kind of. Just keep telling yourself, the truck’s in charge.

Geek Stuff

In the “It Serves You Right” department – a fox shoots a hunter :-)

An for those that think you can’t buy everything on Amazon…

Welcome to Jurassic Park!

Just for the LOLs, man was denied renting Piranha 3D for health and safety reasons!

Hot Wheels video racers!!! Cool!!

A warning to all obsessive online gamers

Is this science or just weird?

Geek Food!

Something a little different this week, ABC news got to know EpicMealTime

Geek Picks of the Week

Every week Josh and I will give you our geek picks of the week, these could be anything from iPhone apps to a great sandwich recipe (more likely to be an app though).

David’s Pick of the week – “Sketch Book Express” from Autodesk for Macintosh and it is free from the Mac App Store. Josh’s Picks of the week – “Camtastic” (for iPhone) for $2.49 from Indeeo Inc. and “DC Universe Online” $49 on Steam. Note: I have to make a correction, during the picks I (David) said that Camera+ was developed with the help of Justine Ezarik. I should have said Lisa Bettany, sorry about the mistake.

And finally, here is a fun little video called Star Trek Acid Drive by Pajlot to finish us off.

As always this episode carries an explicit tag due to possible bad language.

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