Jan 25

Quick Review – Toy Story 3

I saw “Toy Story 3” twice in 3D at the cinema, reviewed it on the podcast Film Actually and listed it as one of my five favourite films of 2010, so I am not sure what more I can say about it here, but I’ll try anyway.

My son and I pulled out the Blu-Ray today and re-watched what I think is one of the finest films of the year. Charming, touching and heart breaking are all words that can be used to describe Pixar’s third, and reportedly final, film in this utterly charming series.

Andy is now a grown up and the toys (lead by Tom Hanks and Tim Allen) are a little lost. They are loyal to Andy, but he doesn’t play with them anymore. Now with Andy going to College, he has a choice, throw them away or put them in the attic. As he is preparing them for the attic, his mother mistakenly thinks they are trash. After they escape, the toys believe that they are destined for the trash heap so they donate themselves to a daycare centre where their nightmare, and new adventure, is about to begin.

The film is a comedy, a prison break film and a journey to discover what is really important in life… friendship.

Minor spoiler, there is a moment in this film were the toys believe that they are doomed and they all hold hands to face the inevitable together. This is one of the most powerfully dramatic moments in a movie presented in 2010. This moment alone is worth the price of admission, however the film has so many moments like this that you are just sucked into it and when the final credits roll, you feel completely satisfied that you have just seen a great film, not just an animated film.

For full emotional impact you really need the first two Toy Story films as you have to experience the character and story arc that ends with this film. If you haven’t already, go now and buy the DVD/Blu-Rays and watch these films, you will not be disappointed.

Originally published on My Year with Movies