Feb 07

Black Swan VFX Reel *SPOILERS*

I’m a sucker for behind the scenes videos and great special effects. The kind of special effects that are seamlessly integrated into a film and as an audience member you just accept what you are seeing on screen as real. Darren Aronofsky’s “Black Swan” has some wonderful effects in it and when you watch the film you know they are effects, however this curious little show reel from Fox Searchlight demonstrates how many seamless effects were also in the film. From floor clean ups, crew removals and head replacements to full blown transformations, this video covers a lot of territory and it also makes you wonder why “Black Swan” didn’t get an Oscar nomination for effects this year.

Beware: If you have not seen “Black Swan” this video spoils some of the great reveals in the film, do not watch it if you haven’t seen the film. “Black Swan” is best viewed with no advance warning to the plot or events in the film. You have been warned.