Feb 15

New Podcast Release Schedule

Okay for those that were paying attention, you will have noticed that the two podcasts, “Geek Actually” and “Film Actually”, came out on the same day this week, why?

In one of those strange moments of clarity, I realised that the release days of the audio podcasts doesn’t make sense. On the live feed we record “Geek Actually” first then “Film Actually”. But for some strange reason I put “Film Actually” the podcast up first on Sunday and then “Geek Actually” up on Monday. The problem is we often refer to the other show on whatever show we are recording and if you just listen to the audio this must be weird or frustrating.

So, as a reset I put both shows up together this week and as of next week we are modifying the release order. As of episode 120, which will be recorded on Saturday the 19th of February 2011 (Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time UTC +11) the episodes will be reversed, “Geek Actually” (our podcast about tech and general geekdom) will be coming out as an audio podcast on Sundays followed by “Film Actually” (our movie podcast) on Mondays.

And remember, you are always welcome to come and join us live at 12pm (AEDST UTC +11) on Saturdays at http://geekactually.com/live, we have a chatroom and you can get involved in the shows. If you want to watch the shows but can’t join us live, we always post the recordings of the show on the site, just look up the category “Replay” to find the posts.

Find “Geek Actually” on iTunes HERE and find “Film Actually” on iTunes HERE