Mar 31

TV’s Wonder Woman Gets A Costume Update

I don’t know if they listened to the fans or they just realised that what they had looked like an off the shelf Halloween costume, but the producers of TV’s new “Wonder Woman” have fixed the costume up a little. We can see the costume updates from these set photos from the production of the pilot.

Although I still don’t think the costume is particularly good, at least it looks a lot better than it did. Gone are the vinyl light blue pants and same coloured boots and in their place a dark blue material pants and red boots.

Now I can at least look at Adrianne Palicki and see Wonder Woman and not have to suppress my laughter.

The photos below show the new costume compared to the original one released last week and an action shot that I assume is Adrianne’s stund double.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

  • This all looks much better but I will always be jaded as I love Lynda Carter like no ones business. Palicki does look great though.

  • RogueSire

    Costume does look a lot better than before. From the photo’s I’ve seen I am not a big fan of her hair. It looks too much like a wig. Is that just me or can anyone see this as well?

  • I can see this as Adrianne Palicki is naturally a blond. It will be interesting to see the series to see if she is a blond or brunette when she is Diana Prince. If she is a blond as Diana then we know this is a wig, if she is dark all round she may have dyed her hair.

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