Apr 10

Geek Actually Ep127 – Mouse in a Can

Hosted by: David McVay & Josh Philpott

This week on Geek Actually David and Josh enjoy their weekly geek out with topics including the Geminoid summit, the iPhone bug that won’t go away, energy drinks with added mouse, the new Commodore 64, the Taser grenade, 8-bit stockings, Josh’s new laptop and the best April Fools prank ever! So sit back, grab your gadgets and let’s geek out!

Geek Actually is the fusion of the old Tech Actually and Geek Actually After Show podcasts into an all new show. All the Tech and geek goodness that you have come to expect from the old shows wrapped up and made easier to swallow as one simple, little, tasty podcast. DeltaKnight (AKA DAvid Murray) continues to supply us with some of the geekiest stories on the web and Josh and David love to play with the tech news.

Geek Actually is recorded live on Saturdays around 12pm (AEST UTC+10). Go to geekactually.com/live to watch it live.

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ZeddD1abl0 pulls us up on two of last weeks stories. Our bad.

Claro Tungul points us to the Google +1 button

Geek Tech

In “The Impending Robot Apocalypse News” – Ah, Geminoid you crazy bastards!

Deja Vu, didn’t we already do this story? Oh wait, they just didn’t fix it! iPhone alarm woes…again!

The Financial Times has taken a stand and said no to Apple subscriptions.

The new Commodore 64, I want one!!!

More Graphene news, self cooling electronics, way cool.

Long distance shocks, introducing the Taser Grenade.

Turn your old film camera into a digital camera, awesome! Or is it a hoax?

Space the final frontier! The new Falcon Heavy rocket!

I have a new respect for the insane man known as Ruslan Kogan.

Geek Stuff

Good to see we, as a people, know how to keep shit in perspective, please note sarcasm.

Oh please let an iOS version of this come out, I want this app!

I’m not a huge April Fools fan but this is classic!

Somehow I don’t think it is tournament legal, using digital cards.

I don’t think my wife would go for it, but this coffee table is geekalicious!

Spotify (a service we don’t get yet) has a new concept toy and it’s neat.

This is a great ad installation, The Matchbox Cars campaign.

Geek attire is always fun, here are 8-bit stockings, cool and sexy!

Weird Food!

Prepare for our Bovine overlords! Human DNA sliced into cows.

Sealed for freshness, or so you thought. New mouse in a can.

Edible Pens, genius, just don’t eat the tip.

Geek Picks of the Week

Every week Josh and/or I will give you our geek picks of the week, these could be anything from iPhone apps to a great sandwich recipe (more likely to be an app though).

David’s Picks of the Week – “Trainz Simulator” (for iPad) from N3V Games Pty. Ltd.: $1.19 and “Death Rally” (Universal for iPhone & iPad) by Remedy Entertainment Ltd.: $3.99. Josh’s Pick of the Week – His new, absolutely beautiful, ASUS U36J 13.3′ i5 laptop. It is gorgeous and retails for around $1400.

Also, listener Kalisynth also wanted us to point out a new iPhone app for you all to get, “Digital Spirit Board” is like a Ouija board on your iPhone and it is free. Oh yeah, and Kalisynth made it so show some support.

And finally….

Nerd pillow talk, not all funny but there are a couple of gems in there.

As always this episode carries an explicit tag due to possible bad language.

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