May 06

New Trailer: Green Lantern

Okay, this is a hotly debated film at the moment. The trailer didn’t do much for audiences but then some convention footage was released that was much better. Now the new trailer for “Green Lantern” has been released and it is pretty good. I have to say I am finally getting interested in this film. For those that haven’t read the DC comic book, the story is about Hal Jordan, a test pilot, who is recruited into the Green Lantern Corp, an army of intergalactic peace keepers. As a Green Lantern, Hal Jordan has a power ring that gives him the power to manifest anything he can think of to fight the bad guys. The film is directed by James Bond director Martin Campbell (“GoldenEye” & “Casino Royal”) and stars Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard & Mark Strong.

Watch the trailer below. Green Lantern opens in June

You can also check this trailer out in HD over at Yahoo

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  • chris_from_Brisvegas

    This looks freaking AWESOME !!!!!