Jun 06

Nicholas and the iPad – A Big Thank You

This is just a quick update and a big thank you.

Nicholas “The Little Geek” McVay celebrated his birthday last week and he got his iPad 2 with the help of these people: Katrina Smith, Daniel Deutsch, Celia Kneen, Cam Kneen, George Levick, Josh Philpott, Celine Roberts, Mirren Lee, Sarah Kalpokas, James Coates, Cheryl Bowen, Peter Young, David Murray, Jordan Keith and Michelle Sefchik.

A big thank you to everyone who helped out, you made him very happy.

Here is a picture of Nicholas with his iPad 2 and his awesome Lego birthday cake that his mother put together. Note, all the little figures and bricks are edible, she got them made and they were awesome.