Jun 08

Uncensored “Duke Nukem Forever” Trailer Rocks!

Okay, I loved “Duke Nukem 3D” and I have waited for “Duke Nukem Forever”, like the rest of the world, for years and years. I spoke to Nathan from RawDLC last night and it almost broke my heart to hear that the game, in his opinion, is not very good. I have the Balls of Steel edition on pre-order and I started wondering if I could get my pre-order money back.

Then I saw this uncensored trailer for the game and my heart was filled with glee again. We also heard this week that it has passed the Australian censors with an MA15+ rating with no cuts. That’s right, we will be playing the same Duke as everyone else. All the blood, boobs and foul language is intact! Now I am back in the ‘I can’t wait camp’.

Come on June 10th, get here already I need to re-enter Duke’s world. Hail to the king baby!