Jun 09

Super 8 Day: New Trailer

Today is the day that “Super 8” hits the cinema here in Australia and I couldn’t let that just roll by without reminding you about my review or the roundtable discussion we participated in with director J.J. Abrams. If you haven’t done so, click the links above and check those out.

Now on to the real meat of the post, a new trailer and poster have been released at the zero hour to promote the film and I thought I’d share them with you because I don’t the trailer but I love the poster (more on the poster at the bottom). I thought the last trailer perfectly captured the spirit and tone of this film and this new trailer makes it look more like a sci-fi horror film which it is not. But for the sake of completion, here is the new trailer:

This week saw the debut of this new poster for the film, which I love. Now to the younger generation, this poster is going to look old fashioned and silly but it really captures that time period. It looks like a poster that Drew Struzen (the man painted posters for many of the classics including the Indiana Jones films and the Back to the Future films to name but a few) would have created back in the day. It turns out that it is a fan created poster so don’t look for it in cinemas anytime soon, but it is cool. Click the thumb below to see it in high resolution. Thanks to IMPawards for putting this poster up.

Okay, your turn. What do you think of the new trailer or the fan art poster? Comment below.