Jun 22

New “Cowboys & Aliens” Video and Posters

Okay it is no secret that we are pretty psyched for “Cowboys & Aliens” around here. Jon Favreau (director of the two Iron Man films) has adapted another comic book property and that is reason alone to see this film. But add to that Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and the beautiful Olivia Wilde and I think we are in must see territory. What’s it about? I think the title says it all, cowboys fighting aliens! Talk about a high concept idea!

Well a new spot was released for the Spike Awards and it is pretty cool. It is pretty much along the same lines as the last trailer but there are a bunch of new scenes and shots we haven’t seen before. You can watch that clip at the bottom of this post, but before that Paramount Pictures Australia has also released two new one sheets for the film that are just hot. Click the thumbnails below to see the full size posters.

Now onto that clip.

Cowboys & Aliens – Spike Awards Spot by Paramount_Australia

Pretty hot stuff. Thank you goes out to Paramount Pictures Australia for making this stuff available to us. “Cowboys & Aliens” opens on the 18th of August across Australia