Jul 24

Geek Actually Ep140 – The Hot-Can Experiment

Hosted by: David McVay & Josh Philpott with guest Richard Gray

This week on Geek Actually, David and Josh are again joined by Richard Gray from theReelBits.com for a look at the weird and wonderful world of the geek. This week topics include the R18+ rating for games is a go in Australia, Apple’s latest operating system, a fake Apple Store in China, the LOLspeak Bible and are Microsoft and Sony teaming up? We discuss these topics and many more plus our picks of the week and a live demonstration of the self heating can of coffee. Enjoy.

Geek Actually is the fusion of the old Tech Actually and Geek Actually After Show podcasts. All the tech and geek goodness that you have come to expect from the old shows wrapped up and made easier to swallow as one simple, little, tasty podcast. DeltaKnight (AKA DAvid Murray) continues to supply us with some of the geekiest stories on the web and Josh and David love to play with the tech news.

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The impending Robot Apocalypse
Tristan sent this – Computers that can teach themselves scares me more than anything.

Geek News

The R18+ rating to pass into law. About friggin’ time.

Oh, South Australia. One step forward two steps back. Should Facebook be 18+?

MacOS Lion is out, Apple’s next operating system and part one of the three point update.
Is it worth the upgrade? For $31.99 you bet your ass. Plus there’s new hardware too.

And just because it is Apple’s week, Apple has officially passed Nokia to become the number one smart phone vendor.

Apple App Store Taiwan has a 7 day return policy. About time, now can we have it.

Something about this Apple Store just isn’t right.

Remember the Winklevii? Wanna know what the Dean of Harvard really thought?

Is the internet affecting our memory? Researchers seem to think so.

Rumour time – What is up with Sony-Microsoft?
and then this – do they have a legit excuse or is the cat out of the bag?

Anonymous is launching it’s own Social Network, does anyone dare join?

This is genius – The Bible translated into LOLspeak.

Wow, there are still real n00bs out there.

We’ve said it before & we’ll say it again, get outside and meet people once in awhile.

DIY Time

The do it yourself geek in me wants to get this. Emergency “Drill Here” stickers.

Speaking of DIY, here is the ultimate Zombie apocalypse survival weapon.

Another nerd PSA – The Zombie PSA.

A Canadian geek builds a huge cardboard R2-D2 – so cool!

Man builds himself a turbine driven Batmobile – Aawww yeah!

Weird Food!

The Hot-Can Experiment. This week we have a practical science project, Cafe Latte in a self heating can – live in studio.

Geek Picks of the Week

Every week David, Josh and/or DeltaKnight will give you their geek picks of the week, these could be anything from iPhone apps to a great sandwich recipe (more likely to be an app though).

David is enjoying the new MacOS “Lion” and the “Google+” app on the iPhone (and Richard concurs). Josh is playing the Xbox Live game “Kill Team”, a Warhammer style game.

Google+ is now a free app in the Apple App Store.

Star Wars Blu-Ray App previews the boxset’s extras.

As always this episode carries an explicit tag due to possible bad language.

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