Jul 28

Happy 3rd Anniversary To Us!

Hi Everyone,

I just want to take a moment to say thank you.

Three years ago today the Geek Actually podcast had its debut on the web. One hundred and forty episodes of Geek Actually, fifty two Film Actually episodes, twenty two After Shows, thirty two Tech Actually episodes and thirty six Platforms episodes and we are still going strong. That is approximately three hundred and eighty eight hours of podcasting goodness to catch up on :-)

Three years ago I sat down with Jacob Oberman and recorded a lively, unscripted chat show that was about movies, tech and any other geeky crap we could think of. It was a mess but so much fun and I have been doing it ever since. Of course Jacob moved on and Josh Philpott now co-hosts the show with me and we have had an assortment of guests over the years, really to many to list, but I want to thank everyone who has taken time out of their busy schedules to come on my little show. Over the last three years we have gone from one little humble audio show to a full blown live video show that spawns two weekly audio podcasts.

So, again, a huge thanks to all of the guests and the fans (without you guys, there is no show) for helping me make this a really fun set of shows.

Here’s to more years to come.


David McVay
Head Geek, GeekActually.com

  • Geekbetty

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Three years? My gosh that went by quickly. I’m very proud to say that “I knew you when” and have listened to all 388 hours, including a handful David did solo in the very early days. (Does the total include the “stand alone” Little Geek eps?)

    Well done geekactually crew.