Jul 28

Video: Exile Vilify (A Lego Portal 2 Music Video)

When I was looking around on YouTube a few days ago I came across an interesting Lego animated film called “Exile Vilify”. It was about the Portal games and it went through how Aperture Science was started and how GLaDOS was created and it was all animated in Lego.

The video was made for a “Portal 2” music video contest and all entries had to have the song “Exile Vilify” in them. The person who made this only had 2 weeks to make this whole video and I’ve got to say it’s really good. The animation in this is really good but it seems to have a few flaws, like sometimes the green screen looks like it was a little rushed. Considering he put the whole video together in 2 weeks I think a few flaws can be overlooked. The Glados model in this is superb, they nailed her in this video and she just looks amazing. In this video it also shows you who painted all the paintings, if you played “Portal” and “Portal 2” you will know what I’m talking about.

The video makes more sense if you have played the Portal games, also apparantly there is a comic that this was based on I think it’s called “Lab Rat”; Comment below if you have read “Lab Rat”.

Overall I think “Exile Vilify” is a really well made Lego video and I think you should check it out, especially If you like the Portal games and Lego :)

David “Big Geek” McVay’s Note: This is a sensation Lego animation and really speaks to all of us Portal 2 players.