Aug 02

David is Quoted on Fox Entertainment News

As you know, one of our good friends here at Geek Actually is Fox Entertainment reporter Hollie McKay. She just published a story on Foxnews.com about Hollywood being creatively bankrupt and she quoted me, pretty cool stuff.

Here is a taste of her article:

But according to film expert and founder of GeekActually.com, David McVay, it isn’t that the entertainment industry has no new ideas to share. It is instead a case of studio executives being driven by an ever-increasing focus on the bottom line.

“The Hollywood system is only after huge box office returns. They have huge studios and infrastructure to pay for. There are a lot of great original films ready to be made out there, [but] most are falling to the independent scene because they are more willing to take risks,” he said. 

Read the whole article by shooting over to Foxnews.com.

Thanks Hollie.