Sep 17

Studio and Live Show Update

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update to keep everyone up to date on the move and the live show broadcasts. We had hoped to have everything back up and running by September 17th but the move has taken a lot longer than expected. We are now all moved to the new premises but it is still a complete mess.

The long and the short of this is that the normal schedule will now resume on the 24th of September. Geek Actually and Film Actually will return as live shows on that date. Film Actually has managed to come out each week as a pre-recorded show during this chaos and will continue to do so.

Tomorrow we are going to record this week’s Film Actually episode from the new studio and we are going to attempt to do it live starting around 12 – 12.30pm. Everyone is welcome to join us but be aware that we have not even tested the equipment yet so there won’t be a lot of polish on the show, consider it a beta broadcast. We would love to have a chatroom going so please try and join us for what should be a fun time.

Thanks for your patience during this messy move and we hope that next week everything should start to go back to business as usual for Geek Actually.


Head Geek
Geek Actually.com