Oct 06

The League Presents: Interview with Hugh Jackman on Real Steel and The Wolverine

DreamWorks’ Real Steel had its Australian premiere in Sydney on 28 September, complete with an appearance by native Hugh Jackman, and The League were in the house to cover the event.

Mr. Jackman was very gracious with his time and answered questions ranging from what inspired him to make the film to what it was like working with boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard, and his frustrations over missing his team Manly in the NRL Grand Final. We even got a pseudo update on The Wolverine and his preference of stage or screen acting.

To the latter, Jackman adds “We’re doing Les Mis[erables], and Wolverine straight after. We’re kind of ready to go now, but Les Mis precluded us starting. So, it’s been a frustrating year, because we’ve been waiting to go, and we had various mishaps”.

Once again, we need to thank Disney and Lantern Group for access to the red carpet and for making this opportunity possible.

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Real Steel is produced by DreamWorks and is released on 6 October 2011 in Australia by Disney.

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    I watched this movie, it is really great to watch the star cast Hugh Jackman after i watched his The Wolverine.