Oct 11

GEEKS UNITE: Giant Warehouse 13/Eureka Cross Over Event in Australia – UPDATED

Are you an Australian television fan of either “Warehouse 13” or “Eureka” this is the event for you. The Hub productions is hosting a massive cross over convention called “A Warehouse in Eureka” in Melbourne and Sydney in October for fans of those two shows. So if you are a fan and want to meet some of the cast members, you better book your tickets now. Below you can read the official press statement.

The Hub Productions Presents:

A Warehouse in Eureka!

SYDNEY, Leighton Hall, UNSW: Sat Oct 29, 2011

MELBOURNE, Spot Basement Theatre, University of Melb: Sun Oct 30, 2011

Both Days 9am-6pm

The only event where fans can actually meet and greet stars from Sci Fi’s two most popular summer series!

On Saturday October 29 (Sydney) and Sunday October 30 (Melbourne), The Hub Productions will bring out key cast members from popular fantasy television sister-programs Eurekaand Warehouse 13 to meet and greet Aussie fans. After two successful crossover television episodes (‘13.1’ and ‘Crossing Over’), this Spring A Warehouse in Eureka! brings together two of Sci Fi’s (Foxtel channel) most popular series for a crossover convention like no other.

All the way from barren South Dakota is Warehouse 13’s secret service agent and off-beat good guy Eddie McClintock (Peter Lattimer), who will join forces with Eureka Global Dynamics’ (GD) lead Colin Ferguson (Sheriff Jack Carter), lab assistant Neil Grayston (Douglas Fargo) and rebellious genius Niall Matter (Zane Donovan).

Both programs’ playful fantasy and supernatural elements will be in full force at the Hub Productions convention: which will feature the guests live on stage for a few stories, anecdotesand Q&As – followed by a guest meet and greet, autograph and professional photograph opportunities. Throughout the day there will also be auctions, raffles, trivia, merchandise and rare collectables for sale from dealers.

Fans are advised to book tickets early – A Warehouse in Eureka! is a one-off, ticketed event and the only place where fans can meet the cast from the two TV series’ together. For more information visit www.thehubproductions.com. Tickets can be bought from the website or over the phone – 02 9874 7171.

A Warehouse in Eureka!  is presented by The Hub Productions, an organisation that strives to provide opportunities for fans to meet actors, artists and behind the scenes stars from popular TV shows, movies and comics.

*Update, 11th October 2011 – Neil Matter has had to cancel unfortunately but a suitable replacement is in the works.*