Oct 18

The League Presents: Joel Edgerton at the Sydney Warrior Premiere

Sunday night the Australian premiere for Gavin O’Connor’s Warrior was held in Sydney, with star Joel Edgerton in town to answer questions from the media and greet the fans.

In Warrior, the youngest son (Tom Hardy) of an alcoholic former boxer (Nick Nolte) returns home, where he’s trained by his father for competition in a mixed martial arts tournament – a path that puts the fighter on a collision course with his older brother (Joel Edgerton).

Below is a selection of photos from the night. We have more to come, plus a video interview with Edgerton and his brother Nash in the coming days where we grill the star on the film, his upcoming role in The Great Gatsby and what’s next for Blue Tongue Films. Click on any photo to enlarge.

Other celebs in the house included X-Factor‘s Ronan Keating and Underbelly: Razor‘s Izzie Stevens and Lucy Wigmore.

We need to thank Roadshow for access to the red carpet and for making this opportunity possible.

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